Environmental and Social Responsibility

Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

SkyLink is committed to considering the environmental impact of its actions and those of its subcontractors. SkyLink will strive to contribute to the realization of a healthier planet by carrying out its business activities in a sustainable way with minimal impact on the local environment and population.

Policy Guidelines

SkyLink evaluates the environmental benefits and consequences of its activities on an ongoing basis and implement best management practices that eliminate or minimize negative environmental impacts during all phases of operations including distribution, product disposal, recycling and maintenance of machinery. Using national and international guidelines such as the United Nations’ Global Compact as the basis for policy and procedural guidelines, SkyLink shall incorporate a rigorous environmental and social policy into all relevant processes and activities.

Policy Objectives and Targets

●  Ensure environmental legislation is identified and incorporated, in a timely manner, into all relevant decision-making processes and activities.
●  Encourage participation by all employees in using best management practices to protect environment and promote environmental responsibility.
●  Provide environmental related education to raise environmental awareness among employees and management.
●  Ensure timely coordination and review of programs and projects.
●  Resolve environmental issues by cooperative action and partnerships with governmental departments, non-governmental
agencies, other public agencies, public interest groups and the private sector.
●  Keep current all environmental policies and ensuring Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) take the environment into account.
●  Demonstrate commitment to continual improvement in integrating pollution prevention procedures into all aspects of day-to-day operations.
●  Identify and manage the impact of existing procedures on an ongoing basis.
●  Demonstrate responsiveness to and respect for the environment on an individual basis as we carry out day-to-day activities.
●  Use sustainable practices and processes, and the least hazardous products wherever possible, in the maintenance of equipment.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Involvement

SkyLink and its staff takes pride in the positive impact that we have at many levels in the areas where we work and live. SkyLink strives to prioritize the effect of its activities on the many local communities whom we depend upon for mission critical operational support. Our personnel incorporate this thinking into their decision-making processes. Their intent is to always give sufficient consideration to social issues when planning and implementing projects and programs which SkyLink is engaged in. Working together to make a positive difference, building strong community relationships, and minimizing the footprint which our activities leave in all parts of the world, provide the motivation for the company’s community involvement. SkyLink employees are part of a global company which strives to be a positive influence in the the world.

As an international company, SkyLink has learned that it can have the greatest impact at the local community level. We support many local and regional charities and non-profit organizations, working together toward common goals that help build strong relationships. While the range of causes we support is diverse – based on individual community needs – we emphasize activities, projects and organizations that will produce tangible, positive results, particularly in the area of health and nutrition. SkyLink has and will continue to demonstrate a consistent commitment to philanthropic causes which fall outside of core business areas through donations of time, money or other resources.