What you need.
When and where you need it.

SkyLink provides just-in-time solutions to operational, housing and supply chain needs for commercial military and non-governmental clients in remote and hostile environments.

Our services include:

●  Air charters
●  Emergency Evacuations
●  Project management
●  Turn-key logistics solutions
●  Multi-modal cargo movements
●  Executive aircraft
●  Ground handling
●  Flight planning
●  Clearance services
●  Provision of petroleum, oil & lubricants.

Ready when you are. Sometimes before.

SkyLink charters over 600 aircraft per year, and accesses a fleet of over 90 Western and Eastern-built fixed and rotary wing aircraft to perform thousands of flights worldwide every year. We are ready for anything.

Recent examples of SkyLink’s capabilities:

●  Air-delivered hundreds of tons of oversized and palletized cargo around the world
●  Aerial food drops and rapid delivery of essential survival equipment in areas affected by natural disaster
●  Performed large-scale humanitarian evacuations on less than 12 hours notice
●  Executed large-scale personnel movements of up to 10,000 per mission