Government & Defense

Government & Defense


Working closely with Governments and Militaries.

Our years of experience in the most hostile environments have uniquely qualified SkyLink to service the needs of government and military clients. The US Government, Canadian DND, Italian MOD, NATO and many others know they can count on us to get the job done, whatever the circumstances.

SkyLink has a long track record of successful operations in war zones and difficult areas, including: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Western Sahara. These are examples of only some of the 75 countries where SkyLink has been active. We are a global leader in providing logistics solutions in austere locations where most companies cannot or will not operate due to lack of infrastructure and local knowledge, combined with regional instability and risk.

Many of our staff has significant military experience. This provides us with an excellent understanding of the requirements for military heavy lift, passenger movements and service requirements.