Program Management

Program Management

Assessment, Operations and Logistics

Before beginning a new project, SkyLink dispatches a team of experts to report on relevant site conditions; assess resource availability and any risk; and review facility suitability, including airport, fuel farms, lodging and general infrastructure.

Our extensive experience in remote areas means we’re experts in developing and implementing workable, customized plans for site operations, from first response to enduring and sustained projects. Our skill set covers camp design and construction as well as camp operation and management, including but not limited to:

●  Lodging
●  Power sources
●  Internet services
●  Laundry facilities
●  Gym and recreational facilities
●  Dining facilities
●  Waste and water management
●  Site services

In order to ensure the success of any project, SkyLink:

●  Provides trained staff and consultants capable of supporting any logistic or transportation requirement
●  Offers time-tested, innovative solutions to meet its customers’ needs in challenging environments
●  Is capable of training and managing people on the ground, even in the most austere locations

SkyLink’s services include large scale aviation project management, supply change implementation, and consulting with non-governmental organizations to implement best practices in emergency situations.

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